Eco Church – Silver Award Granted!

We are proud to announce we have received the Silver Eco Church Award.

To make the move from a bronze award to the silver award, we primarily focused on our carbon footprint.  We looked at the footprint of the church and the building over the last few years.

We calculated our carbon footprint before covid hit. This enabled us to see what our emissions were pre pandemic, before lockdowns and restrictions, when we were at our busiest.

The next step was to look at the things we could do to reduce our carbon footprint.

An action plan to reduce our footprint is now in place and we also made the decision to offset the emissions we can’t reduce. This means making a donation to ARocha to fund projects which specifically look at emission reduction. If you want the story so far or to read more about the things we’ve been doing, please click on the link to our eco journey document. The journey continues and we will keep looking at what we can do better and how we can continue to spread the eco message to all.

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