A Typical Morning


10 a.m. – 11.10 a.m.
Play: There is a selection of toys, rotated weekly, to cover different areas of learning (e.g. creative, educational, physical activity, co-ordination, and imaginative/role-play).
Art/Craft: An art or craft activity is available each week for you to do with your toddler and which aims to develop different skills such as: cutting and sticking; printing; threading; painting; modelling etc.
Lending Library: We hope you will make use of our small lending library of children’s books; enjoy choosing a book with your toddler to take home and share together. Up to 3 books per child may be borrowed (free of charge).
We also now have a small lending library for adults, including books relevant to parenting, childcare, and things to do with your toddlers. Please do make use of the library facility (usually open from 10.50 am – 11.10 am).
Refreshments: Tea/coffee and biscuits for adults, and water plus a snack for toddlers are available throughout this first part of the morning. We ask for your help in ensuring the safety of the children by putting all hot drinks out of the children’s reach, on the tables and window sills.

11.10 a.m. – 11.20 a.m.
Tidy-up Time: All hands on deck to tidy the toys away in readiness for story and singing time!

11.20 am – 11.30 am.
Story and Singing Time: We do ask that you sit with your toddler during this time when we all come together for the story and/or singing. We hope you will view this as an ideal opportunity to share quality ‘together’ time through the story and action songs.
Once a month the art/craft activities plus the story and songs will be based on a Christian theme such as Harvest, Christmas, Easter, Noah’s Ark and other Bible stories.