A trip to the Farm

This week Playgroup spent a morning at St Werburghs City Farm.  The children had a lovely time exploring the Farm and meeting all the animals.

Our visit began with the chickens, everyone was offered the chance to stroke a hen and learnt the difference between chickens that are kept for eggs and those kept for meat. Next we were all shown the best way to feed a goat and then took it in turns to give the goats their food. We went on to meet some pigs and discovered we had been very lucky with the timing of our visit – during the night Penny the pig had given birth. We very quietly looked through a window into her sty to see 6 tiny new born piglets. After the pigs we visited the ducks and then it was time to see if the hens had left any to be collected eggs. We found 5 eggs and got to feel how warm they are when they have just been laid.  The last animals we visited were the sheep, we gave them some food and learnt about where wool comes from.  Then there was just time for a well earned snack before heading home.


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